Composite Dental Fillings

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At Lykke, we’re passionate about helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. One of the ways we do this is by offering composite dental fillings as a restorative service. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, composite fillings are made of a strong, tooth-colored resin that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. This makes them an ideal solution for those looking to fill cavities or repair cracked or broken teeth while maintaining a flawless appearance. 

Your smile is the gateway to your heart, and we understand how important it is to keep your pearly whites in good health. That’s why we offer composite dental fillings to our patients. But what exactly are composite fillings? These fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles that blend seamlessly with the natural color of your teeth, giving you a beautiful, seamless smile. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also strong and durable, filling cavities with ease. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, they do not contain any metals and are safer. At our practice, we believe in using the very best techniques and materials to provide you with a healthy, happy smile that you can be proud of. 

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Less Sensitivity

Composite fillings have been shown to be less likely to cause sensitivity than amalgam fillings. 

Better Aesthetics

Composite fillings are also more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam fillings. Composite fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth, so they are less noticeable than amalgam fillings. Additionally, composite fillings bond to your teeth, which helps to give them a natural appearance.

Stronger teeth

Composite fillings also make your teeth stronger by bonding to the tooth structure and reinforcing it.

Safe for everyone

Composite fillings are made from safe, non-toxic materials that are biocompatible to the human body.

A beautiful smile is irreplaceable, and it can affect your overall well-being in more ways than you might imagine. However, dental cavities can significantly damage your tooth enamel, altering the aesthetic appearance of your teeth while causing pain and sensitivity. Dental fillings are ideal for minor to moderate tooth decay or cavities. These can prevent further decay or damage to your teeth, allowing you to retain your natural teeth for a more extended period. Hence, if you experience tooth sensitivity or notice any signs of dental cavities, seeking dental fillings is the best preventative measure to protect your oral health and maintain your luminous smile.

Our empathetic team strives to make a difference in the lives of families from Pflugerville and the surrounding areas. We believe that every patient is unique and deserves personalized care that meets their individual needs. That’s why we take the time to build a true relationship with our patients, understanding their concerns and tailoring our solutions to address their specific dental issues. Whether it’s a straightforward filling or a complex procedure, we treat every opportunity to serve you with the utmost sincerity, compassion, and care. 

We take pride in providing top-notch dental care while prioritizing our patients’ comfort and safety. If you’re looking for a dental home that values your well-being and provides exceptional care, look no further than Lykke Dentistry. Schedule an appointment and experience the difference for yourself. Your smile deserves it. With Lykke Dentistry, you’ll never have to leave your smile to chance!