Tooth Extractions

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At Lykke Dentistry, we understand that preserving natural teeth is important to our patients. It’s always our priority to help you maintain a healthy smile. However, there are times when tooth extractions are necessary. It might be because of severely damaged teeth, overcrowding, or to prepare for orthodontic treatment. When extractions become necessary, you want a dental practice that can provide delicate and precise care. Our team is skilled in performing tooth extractions with care and precision, ensuring the best possible outcome for our patients in the Pflugerville area.

When it comes to tooth extractions, there’s no denying that it can seem like a daunting procedure, but it’s actually a very common and straightforward one. Essentially, tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including to make room for other teeth to grow in, to address overcrowding, to remove a damaged or decayed tooth, or to prepare for orthodontic treatment. While nobody ever wants to have a tooth extracted, it’s important to know that the procedure itself is typically quite quick and relatively painless. In fact, once the tooth is removed, most people experience a very little discomfort, especially if they follow their post-operative instructions carefully. 

Common Causes for Tooth Extractions


One of the most common reasons for tooth extractions is cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria that break down the enamel of the tooth, causing it to decay. If left untreated, cavities can lead to infection and pain.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is another common reason for tooth extractions. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth, which can lead to inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If left untreated, gum disease can damage the bone and connective tissue that support the teeth.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are another common reason for tooth extractions. Impacted teeth are teeth that have not erupted through the gum line or have only partially erupted. Impacted teeth can cause pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is often used to correct alignment issues with the teeth. In some cases, however, orthodontic treatment can require the extraction of one or more teeth in order to create enough space for the remaining teeth to be properly aligned.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are often extracted because they can crowd other teeth and cause problems with alignment. Additionally, wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean properly, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.


Tooth trauma is another common reason for tooth extractions. Tooth trauma can occur due to an injury or accident that results in a cracked or broken tooth. In some cases, a tooth may need to be extracted even if it does not appear to be damaged

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Firstly, make sure to rest and avoid any strenuous activities for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, eating crunchy or sticky foods, and swishing liquids around in your mouth. Instead, stick to soft foods and drink plenty of fluids. And of course, don’t forget to keep the extraction site clean by gently rinsing with salt water and following any specific instructions given by your Lykke professional. Remember, taking care of yourself after an extraction is crucial to ensure proper healing and prevent complications.

Our dynamic dentistry allows us to put our patients first and offer relief for those who will need a dental extraction. Rest assured that our experienced team will walk you through the procedure step by step and answer any questions you may have along the way. While we can’t promise that you’ll enjoy the process, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to make the experience as smooth as possible.

When it comes to dental extractions, you want to be in the hands of an experienced and gentle professional. Don’t leave your smile to chance. Book your appointment and let Lykke Dentistry take care of you.